Applications to Run in Gateway

Few Applications Supported by Airavata

This list contains a sub section of application supported via gateways linked to Airavata. We can help you to run these in your own gateway.

Application Availability
Abaqus Comet
Abaqus-6.13-3 Comet
Abinit BigRed, Bridges, Comet
Amber_Sander BigRed, Comet, Stampede
AutoDock BigRed, Karst
AutoDock_Vina Comet, Stampede
CP2K Comet, Stampede
CPMD Comet
DDSCat Comet
DFTB+ Stampede
Gamess BigRed, Comet, Gordon, Stampede
Gaussian BigRed. Bridges, Comet, Gordon
Gaussian16 Bridges
Gromacs BigRed, Bridges, Comet, Stampede
Lammps BigRed, Comet, Gordon, Stampede
Molcas Stampede KNL, Stampede
NEK5000 BigRed
NWChem Comet, Stampede
Phasta_P Stampede
PSI4.0 Comet
QChem Comet
Quantum_Espresso Comet, Bridges, JetStream, Stampede
Tinker_Monte Stampede
Trinity Karst
WRF Stampede

Application Inputs

Inputs for all applications currently available in Airavata can be found Here!

Application Configuration

For sample configurations please refer Admin Tutorials