Airavata Update

  1. In order to update Airavata with latest master code; go to the folder (Created in installation; LocalAiravata) initially created to clone Airavata.
  2. Within your local folder navigate to folder 'airavata' and execute
    git pull 
    Hint: If you are in the wrong folder you would probably get message
    'fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git'
  3. Now build the code
     mvn clean install
    Hint: To avoid the 'tests on install' run
    mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true
  4. Once the build is success, stop the running Airavata server. You can either stop the java server using
    kill -9 <process ID>
    Navigate to bin folder where airavata server exists (LocalAiravata/apache-airavata-server-0.15-SNAPSHOT/bin). and stop the server
    ./ stop -force
  5. For references, back up the currently existing release
    mv apache-airavata-server-0.15-SNAPSHOT apache-airavata-server-0.15-SNAPSHOT-bk
  6. Copy the new release to your local folder (LocalAiravata)
    cp /<path to created folder>/LocalAiravata/airavata/distribution/target/apache-airavata-server-0.16-SNAPSHOT-bin.tar.gz .
  7. Un-tar the copied new release
    tar -xvf apache-airavata-server-0.16-SNAPSHOT-bin.tar.gz
  8. Navigate to the new bin folder and back up and gfac-config.yaml files.
  9. Copy your previously used from the backed up release to bin folder (This is the easiest way to get the properties file updated. If you prefer, you can change the new file manually. ☺)
    /<your local path>/LocalAiravata/LocalAiravata/apache-airavata-server-0.16-SNAPSHOT-bk/bin/ .
  10. Copy your previously used gfac-config.yaml from the backed up release
    cp /<your local path>/LocalAiravata/apache-airavata-server-0.16-SNAPSHOT-bk/bin/gfac-config.yaml .
  11. Now compare with the new and gfac-config.yaml and make necessary changes in the copied files. Try
  12. Check the path correctness of credential store keystore in file.<your local path>/LocalAiravata/airavata_sym.jks
  13. Go to lib folder and copy mySQL jar (mysql-connector-java-5.1.38-bin.jar) from old backed up lib to the new lib
      cp /home/airavata/LocalAiravata/apache-airavata-server-0.16-SNAPSHOT-bk/lib/mysql-connector-java-5.1.38-bin.jar .
  14. Now restart airavata server in bin folder
    ./ start
  15. Airavata ready for job submissions!
  16. For PGA updating steps try PGA Update