Gateway Maintenance

Assist Gateway Users

Q1. One of my gateway users wants me to investigate his FAILED experiment. How should I proceed?
Answer: To investigate a specific FAILED experiment or failed experiment within a time frame,
1. Navigate to AdminDashboard ⇒ Experiment Statistics
2. Search the experiment by using the experiment ID or by giving the Creation Time 'To' and 'From'
3. You could also use pre-defined selection criteria ('Get Experiments from Last 24 Hours' OR 'Get Experiments from Last Week')

Day-to-Day Maintenance

Q2. One of the resources used by my gateway is not available for the day. How to stop user job submissions?
Answer: To temporarily stop users submitting jobs to a particular resource...
1. Navigate to AdminDashboard ⇒ Compute Resources (Browse)
2. Un-check the 'Enabled' box for the specific resource. This disables job submissions for the resource
3. To enable job submission simply check the box and you are back in track!

Q3. How to upgrade access for a gateway user?
Answer: User access can be upgraded or downgraded by changing the assigned user role.
1. Navigate to Admin Dashboard ⇒ Users (Browse)
2. Search for the specific user and click 'Check All Roles'
3. From this you can remove/add roles.
4. For each modification user will receive an email with 'Your Privileges has Changed!'

Q4. Gateway users who has role 'gateway-user' cannot access experiment creation. Seems like privileges are not accessible.!
Answer: User roles are given through PGA Admin Dashboard. If the roles are set correctly then check pga_config.php
1. To check the config file use

vi /var/www/html/airavata-php-gateway/app/config/pga_config.php
2. Roles attached to users should exists in the config file against correct role attribute type

         * Admin Role Name
        'admin-role-name' => 'admin',
         * Read only Admin Role Name
        'read-only-admin-role-name' => 'admin-read-only',
         * Gateway user role
        'user-role-name' => 'airavata-user',

Q5. I have ran out of allocation for my current community account used in gateway for a resource. What should I do?
1. If you have another community account you could update the information in Admin Dashboard ⇒ Gateway Profile under Compute Resource Preferences.
2. Select the resource and modify account information and save.
3. Login to the resource as the new user and update the authorized_keys with the public key assigned to the resource.

Q6. I want to send notices to my gateway users. How?
1. Navigate to Admin Dashboard⇒Notices
2. Use 'Create a New Notice' button add a new notice.
3. Based on the published date you provided it will be available for users as a Notice !