Apache Airavata API

For Airavata API documentation please visit Airavata 0.16 API Documentation

Airavata APIs for Experiments & Projects

Gateway Function/Feature Airavata API Description
Create a Project createProject Linked with Create Project in PGA.
Update Project updateProject To update Project name and description.
Get a Project getProject Retrieve Project by providing the ID.
Search Project by Name searchProjectsByProjectName Search for Project by giving part or full project name.
Search Project by Desc searchProjectsByProjectDesc Search for Project by giving part or full project description.
Get all user Projects getUserProjects Retrieve all Projects of a user.
Create an Experiment createExperiment Create an Experiment.
Update an Experiment updateExperiment Update ab Experiment. Experiments with CREATED exp-status can be updated.
Get an Experiment getExperiment Retrieve Experiment by providing the experiment ID.
Get Detailed Experiment getDetailedExperimentTree Retrieve detailed Experiment by providing the experiment ID.
Clone an Experiment cloneExperiment Clone an existing Experiment. Experiment with any exp-status can be cloned by providing the ID.
Cancel an Experiment terminateExperiment Cancel an existing Experiment. Experiments with exp-statuses LAUNCHING or EXECUTING can be cancelled.
Search Experiment by Name searchExperimentsByName Search Experiment by giving full or part of the name.
Search Experiment by Desc searchExperimentsByDesc Search Experiment by giving full or part of the description.
Search Experiments by Application Name searchExperimentsByApplication Search Experiment by giving the application name.
Search Experiment by Creation Time searchExperimentsByCreationTime Search Experiment by giving creationTime period.
Get all user Experiments getUserExperiments Search for all the experiments of a single user.
Get Experiments for a Project getExperimentsInProject Retrieve all the experiments in a particular Project.

Airavata APIs for Admin Dashboard

Admin Function/Feature Airavata API Description
Add Gateway
Add a gateway addGateway Adding a new Gateway.
Credential Store
Generate a Token/SSH Key generateAndRegisterSSHKeys Generate new SSH Key and Token.
Get all Credential Store Tokens getAllGatewaySSHPubKeys Retrieve all the generated keys of a Gateway.
Remove a Token/SSH Key deleteSSHPubKey Select and delete a particular SSH Key Token pair.
Compute Resource (CR)
Get all application deployed CRs getAllApplicationDeployments Get all Application deployed Compute Resources.
Get a CR getComputeResource Retrieve Compute Resource information by providing the resource ID.
Register CR registerComputeResource Register a new Compute Resource. This is Super Admin Feature.
Update CR updateComputeResource Retrieve an existing Compute Resource and update.
Enable and Disable CR getComputeResource updateComputeResource Retrieve the CR and enable or disable through update. This is a Super Admin feature.
Delete a Queue deleteBatchQueue Delete a selected Queue from the Compute Resource.
Storage Resource (SR)
Get all SR Names getAllStorageResourceNames Retrieve all storage resources of the gateway.
Get a SR getStorageResource Fetch Storage Resource by providing the Storage ID.
Register a SR registerStorageResource Register a new Storage Resource. This is a Super Admin Feature.
Update a SR updateStorageResource Update and existing Storage Resource.
Enable and Disable SR getStorageResource updateStorageResource Retrieve the SR and enable or disable through update. This is a Super Admin feature.
Delete SR deleteStorageResource Select and delete and existing Storage Resource.
Delete Data Movement Interface of SR deleteDataMovementInterface Delete a Data Movement Interface of a Storage Resource
Experiment Statistics
Get Experiment Statistics getExperimentStatistics Displays experiments grouped by the experiment status and derived for the given date time range.
Gateway Preferences
Add CR Preference for a gateway addGatewayComputeResourcePreference
Edit CR Preference addGatewayComputeResourcePreference
Delete a CR Preference
Add SR Preference for a gateway addGatewayStoragePreference
Edit SR Preference addGatewayStoragePreference
Delete a SR Preference
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