Apache Airavata

  • A distributed framework that supports execution and management of computational scientific applications and workflows in grid based systems, remote clusters and cloud based systems.
  • Primarily focused on submitting and managing application executions and workflows in grid based systems.
  • Architecturally extensible to support other underlying resources.
  • Used by scientific gateway developers as their middleware layer. They can directly call Airavata API in order to communicate with grid based system.
  • Provides a desktop tools and browser-based web interface components for managing applications, workflows and generated data.
  • Contains sophisticated server-side tools for registering and managing scientific applications on computational resources.
  • The Django portal provides tools and methods to easily integrate with post processing applications and application centric interfaces.

For more information on Airavata visit; Apache Airavata


If you are interested in
1. Using an already hosted gateway
2. Having your own gateway hosted
you can contact a downstream project Science Gateways Platform as a Service (SciGaP) and request your gateway.
SciGaP runs Apache Airavata as a platform service.